KEEP Co.,Ltd. is a global manufacturer of waste-to-energy equipment headquartered  in Japan. Our mission is to deliver innovative, efficient, profitable and environmentally responsible solutions to convert Zero Waste. We are a company that develops innovative solutions that solve waste problems and produce power. 



 Our focus is clear and bold: We produce equipment that addresses the Global Waste Crisis and that delivers Clean and Sustainable Liquid Fuels. Our approach to Waste and Energy problems is unique, we offer waste-producing organizations around the world an unparalleled solution that enables them to use their waste and profitably convert it into energy. We provide waste to energy solutions of the highest quality, and offer a full range of services to our clients.

 私たちの目的は大胆且つ明確です。私たちはグローバルな環境破壊、廃棄物危機に対処し、クリーンで持続可能な液体燃料を生成します。 廃棄物·再生エネルギー問題への私たちのアプローチはユニークですが、我々は世界中の廃棄物を使用し、収益性の高い、エネルギーに変換することができる、他に比類のないソリューションを提供しています。 私たちは最高品質のエネルギーソリューションとなる廃棄物再生エネルギーを提供し、お客様にサービスのフルラインを提供しています。

 KEEP Co.,Ltd’s plants work at the intersection between increasing operational efficiencies to achieve zero waste, and providing a clean, small-scale, safe, and reliable source of renewable energy.


Advanced Technology to Turn Waste into Sustainable Liquid Fuels


Every year more than 3 Billion tons of waste are dumped to open air or disposed of improperly around the world. Waste is a problem that represents high costs to governments, citizens, companies, and has a strong environmental effect on our planet. KEEP Co.,Ltd is focused on allowing organizations to utilize their waste and empower our planet. Our proprietary and advanced technology allows for an unmatched result: to convert a variety of waste types into energy at a remarkably high rate. Our process is highly energy efficient, and it produces no pollution. Our equipment allows our customers to eliminate expenses on waste-disposal, produce ready-to-use fuels or electricity, and operate in a highly profitable way.

 廃棄物は毎年3億トン以上が、世界中で不適切に処分されています。 廃棄物は、政府、市民、企業への余分な負荷を与えており、地球上の深刻な環境破壊問題となっています。私たちKEEP株式会社は廃棄物を処理活用し、世界規模の環境問題を解決することをミッションとしています。 私たちの技術は非常に高い効率で、廃棄物を多くの種類のエネルギーに再生し変換します。 私たちの独自の高度な技術は、比類のない結果を可能にします。本プロセスは、効率の高いエネルギー変換を行い、汚染を生じさせません。当社の機器は、お客様の廃棄物処分に関する費用を実質排除することができ、すぐに使用できるオイルや電気を生成し収益性の高い方法を構築します。

At the core of our philosophy lies the idea of Zero-Waste: Maximize Positive Use and Reduce & Simplify Resources. We believe that modern organizations need to optimize their use of resources and strike a balance between consumption, production, and energy. Every day, we work with Governments and Municipalities, Large Public Companies, Small Entrepreneurial Organizations, and a variety of entities to continue developing solutions for two of our era’s most urgent problems.

私たちの哲学の中核にあるのはゴミをゼロとし再生エネルギーを生み出すこと。 ゴミを最大限に活用し、リソースを削減&簡素化します。私たちは、現代の組織がリソースの使用を最適化し、消費、生産、エネルギーのバランスを取る必要があると考えています。毎日、私たちは、政府や自治体、大規模な公共企業、中小起業、そして私たちの時代の最も緊急な問題である環境問題のために、新しいソリューションの開発を継続していきます。



Current solutions to the Waste Problem come in the form of waste collection that picks-up the trash on the curbside and disposes of it in landfills or incinerators. However, landfills have significant effects over the land, water, and air quality of their environments. Incineration produces highly polluting gases and toxic ashes that still require disposal. In addition, landfills and incinerators fail to reduce the quantity of waste we are dumping, and to maximize the energetic potential of the waste.


About KEEP — KEEP エネルギーについて —


The world consumes more energy than ever before. Our increasingly urban lifestyle has led to an increase in the consumption of energy for illumination, transportation, industrial processes, entertainment, computer use, and production. Energy poses one of the biggest limits for our development, and the decrease of global crude reserves has turned the pressure on for finding new and better ways to power our lives with a minimal environmental effect. As a species, we have to find the energy sources that will power our growth for generations to come while minimizing our impact on our natural resources.

Sectors We Serve —– セクターサーブ —–

Zero Waste is a practice that can be implemented by every organization to fully utilize their resources, minimize their waste, and become truly responsible with their community, stakeholders, and environment. KEEP puts zero waste into practice by offering a solution that transforms waste into energy. Our waste-to-energy technology can utilize a wide range of waste streams to produce valuable liquid fuels. Our system is adaptable to function with many different waste types, volumes, and conditions. We have implemented a wide range of technologies that respond to our clients waste and energy needs. These are some of the sectors we currently serve:


Cities & Municipalities


citySafe, Clean, and Reliable collection and disposal of Municipal Waste is one of the biggest challenges for municipalities around the world. KEEP allows cities to dispose of waste in a safe and environmentally sound manner, while producing fuels to power their fleet. Our solutions work for Administrations, Citizens, and the Environment. Our Current Projects include Cities in South Korea, Guatemala, the United States, and many others.

都市廃棄物、安全、清潔、そして信頼性の高い回収•処分は、世界中の自治体にとって最大の課題の1つです。 KEEPは電力や燃料を生産しながら各都市へ、安全かつ環境に配慮した方法で廃棄物を処分することができます。当社のソリューションは、行政、市民、環境のために働きます。私たちの現在のプロジェクトは、韓国、グアテマラ、米国および他の多くの都市で稼働しています。

Manufacturing Companies


manufacturingCompanies spend significant resources in waste management. Our solutions allow manufacturing companies in the mining, pharmaceutical, durables, plastics, food, electronics, and many other industries to transform their waste into energy. For our customers this represents an opportunity to generate savings on waste expense and power purchase, become environmentally responsible, access incentives, and increase return on investment.






agribusinessAgricultural by-products offer a viable feedstock that is traditionally wasted and disposed of improperly with a big environmental impact. Around the world, KEEP is changing the industry by utilizing animal manure, crop stocks, and wood chips to produce fuels to power agricultural operations and minimize pollution from waste. Unlike bio-digesters, the KEEP process is fast and yields ready-to-use liquid fuels and produces no pollution.



Commercial Facilities


commercialAirports, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Restaurants, Hotels, Universities, Amusement Parks, and many other large facilities deal with considerable amounts of waste on a daily basis. KEEP’s technology can transform mixed waste into renewable energy, and achieve a reduction of environmental effects, waste disposal costs, and energy expenditures. Waste can be processed on-site, and the power produced directly used to power the facility.



Transportation Centers & Hubs


transportationAirports, Seaports, Inter-Modal Stations, and Logistic Centers deal with large amounts of waste and very high fuel consumption. Our system is designed to utilize available waste and produce liquid fuels of the highest standard that are ready-to-use in existing vehicles. This can be directly translated into revenues for fuel sale that is produced directly where it’s needed the most.





defenseMilitary operations around the world rely heavily on tight supply chains and limited resources. Fuels in the form of Jet fuel or Diesel are key strategic commodities and need to be hauled from long distances and guarded. KEEP’s technology can produce aircraft or vehicle grade fuel in a small-scale and utilizing available resources. Our equipment is small, easy to transport, simple to operate, discreet, and reliable. The advantages are unmatched.





entrepreneursKEEP offers the first small-scale waste-to-energy plant that makes sense from a financial, environmental, and operational perspective. We are working with entrepreneurs around the world to make our equipment available to others, or to install and operate the first true environmental profitable business. Every case is unique, but KEEP’s partners are changing the way in which others think by helping them to turn waste into energy.



Turning Waste into Energy —– 廃棄物をエネルギーに —–

 KEEP has developed, implemented, and improved a number of breakthrough technologies that:


-Allow using a wide range of waste types as feedstock.


-Produce no toxic air emissions, and minimize solid by-products.


-Highly improve the energy efficiency of transforming the waste-into-energy.


-Enable the process to be cost-effective and profitable even at a very small scale.


Our process has been approved for use in Europe, Japan, and we are currently undergoing the permitting process to install our first plant in the United States. Our Technology is protected under a number of patents around the world.


The Process

1. Pre-Treatment


The Process begins with Sorting, Crushing, and Dehydrating the feedstock. The conditions of this process depend on the type of waste that will be turned into energy. GGI&GEM’s technology is suitable for a broad range of waste types and operating conditions. We have a number of pre-treatment processes that adapt to the waste’s specific composition and water content. We have implemented solutions that process:

プロセスは、ソート破砕および原料を脱水することから始まります。このプロセスの条件は、エネルギーに変換される廃棄物の種類によって異なります。 GGI&GEMエネルギーの技術は廃棄物の種類および動作条件の広い範囲に適しています。我々は廃棄物の特定の組成及び水分含有量に適応する前処理工程の数を持っています。我々は解決策として、そのプロセスを実装しています。

-Municipal Solid Waste


-Industrial Residues including plastics, mixed materials, paper, cardboard, etc.


-Commercial and Institutional Waste including mixed waste from Hospitals, Airports, Malls, etc.


-Agricultural Biomass including crop stocks, bagasse, pulps, hulls, grains, etc.


-Forestry Biomass including woodchip, sawdust, bark, branches, etc.


-Animal Biomass including manure, fats, etc.


-Food Residues including raw and processed elements as well as used cooking oil.


-Sewage Sludge, and other special applications.


2. Gasification


Our equipment generates very controlled conditions under which the specific waste type will decompose from complex into simple molecules. This combustion-free process results in minimal quantities of heavy gases and toxic materials. GGI&GEM’s proprietary processes generate remarkably high yields of usable hydrocarbons across waste types. In addition, the energy consumed during the process is reduced, since a percentage of it comes from the use of by-products from later stages in the process. The result of this process is a highly rich synthetic gas (syngas).

当社の機器は、特定廃棄物の種類が単純な分子に複合体から分解されるので、非常に制御された条件を構成します。この燃焼プロセスの中で、ガスや有毒物質の最小量の処理結果を出しています。 KEEP社の独自のプロセスでは、廃棄物のタイプにわたって使用可能な炭化水素の著しく高い収率を生成します。その割合はプロセスの後の段階からの副生成物の使用から来るので、また、プロセス中に消費されるエネルギーが低減される。このプロセスの結果は非常に豊富な合成ガス(シンガス)である。

3. Gas Conditioning


The syngas is purified using our patented advanced nanoparticle technologies that safely remove the heavy elements. This process results in plant emissions that comply with the most stringent air regulations. The product of this step is a rich gas with minimal contents of sulfur, mercury, NOx, and SOx pollutants. Our synthesis process stabilizes the gas and increases its hydrocarbon content. The syngas is separated according to its quality. The less-than-perfect gas is recycled into the system to power-up the operation.


4. Liquid Fuel


As a final step, the rich syngas is refined into commercial-grade liquid fuels that can be used directly to power vehicles, machines, or electricity generators. This results into ready-to-use FT Diesel and/or Kerosene. Our customers use this fuel directly on their vehicle fleets, sell it for additional revenues, or generate electricity to power-up their operations. The quality of this fuel is superior to petrol-based hydrocarbons, and has lower contents of toxic elements.


Frequently Asked Questions —– よくある質問 —–

 What are the environmental benefits of KEEP’s Waste-to-Energy technology?




KEEP’s technology has three direct environmental benefits. The first one is the direct reduction of waste that ends up in landfills or open-air dumps. This results in a considerable reduction of the amount of methane released into the atmosphere, as well as toxic filtrations and overall environment impact of waste disposal. The second environmental benefit comes from our clean operations, which release no toxic emissions into the air and result in a clean and safe energy source. The third environmental benefit comes from the use of the high quality fuels with low sulfur and metals content, which results in highly cleaner combustion gases. Overall KEEP’s plants can be summed as plants that minimize the trash from a community, increase air quality, and provide high quality fuels.


How does KEEP’s Waste-to-Energy compare to other renewable energy alternatives?


Waste-to-energy technologies have been classified as a renewable energy source from the United States Environment Protection Agency. KEEP’s Advanced Waste-to-Energy technology has a number of significant advantages versus other renewable energy alternatives:

-KEEP’s patented technology has no toxic air emissions, and is remarkably more efficient than existing waste-to-energy technologies.

-By redirecting waste that already exists towards our operations, we significantly reduce methane and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This waste would otherwise end up in landfills or dumps, and over its life cycle it would release copious amounts of methane. In the case of incineration, this waste would release considerable amounts of CO2 and other toxic gases.

-The waste feedstock used in our operations does not compete with agricultural commodities for land that could be used to grow food products. Therefore, we don’t contribute to the recent increase in food prices that have strenuous effects over some communities.

-Compared to several other renewable energy sources that are intermittent by nature, our plants can be operated around the clock.

-Our plants result in high yields of liquid fuels. This makes each one of our plants financially viable in the short run. We offer a financially profitable renewable source of energy.

-Our plants operate at a small-scale. This results in two unique benefits, the ability to scale up operations according to the size of the waste problem and the financial capabilities of our customer, as well as a moderate upfront financial investment.

-The simplicity and reliability of our small-scale operations allow local entrepreneurs and organizations to operate the plants and generate strong financial results based on operations. We work for clients and partners that contribute to the economic development and environment improvement of their communities.

-Our technology is advanced and proven, KEEP is able to deliver our waste-to-energy solutions everywhere in the world in a short period of time.

私たちのエネルギー技術は、米国環境保護庁からの再生可能エネルギー源として分類されています。 KEEPのAdvancedエネルギー技術は、他の再生可能エネルギーの代替案に対して多くの重要な利点があります。
KEEPの特許技術は、有害大気への排出がなく、非常に、より効率的な再生エネルギー技術です。 KEEPの技術は、既に事業の中で生まれている廃棄物をリダイレクトし、我々は大幅に大気中のメタンとCO2排出量を削減します。この廃棄物は、私たち以外の他の方法では、埋立またはダンプで終わるでしょう。そして、そのライフサイクルの上には、メタンのおびただしい量を放出するでしょう。焼却の場合には、この廃棄物はCO2などの有毒ガスのかなりの量を放出するでしょう。
私達のプラントは小規模で動作します。 2つのユニークな利点、廃棄物問題と私たちの顧客だけでなく、適度な先行金融投資の財務能力の大きさに応じて操作をスケールアップすることでこれが成果を生み出します。
- 私ちの小規模のプラント操作の簡単さと信頼性は、地元の起業家や組織が工場を運営し、操作に基づいて強固な財務結果を出すことができます。私たちはクライアントの経済発展と地域社会の環境改善に貢献するパートナーのために稼働します。

Hing tow does the KEEP Waste-to-Energy process compare to other waste-processechnologies?


Our technology compares very favorably to most waste-processing technologies:

-Unlike bio-digesters, we utilize an active process that is able to continuously process waste. This results in a constant production of high value fuels. In addition, we have designed our system to maximize the use of the produced heat and the process by-products.

-Unlike landfills with gas extraction technologies, our process utilizes the entire energy potential of the waste stream. In addition, such technologies still have the waste buried.

-Unlike incinerators, our advanced technology results in a minimal amount of CO2 and other gases. Our process emits no toxic gases and maximizes the use of the waste stream.

当社の技術はほとんどの廃棄物処理技術に非常に好意的に可動します。 バイオダイジェスター、我々は連続的に廃棄物を処理することができるアクティブなプロセスを利用する。価値の高い燃料の製造において、この定数をもたらし、また、副産物発生する熱及びプロセスの使用を最大化するために、我々のシステムを設計しています。 ガス抽出技術に埋め立て、我々のプロセスは、廃棄物の流れの全体のエネルギーポテンシャルを利用する。 – 焼却炉、CO2などのガスを最小限にし、当社の先進的な技術の結果。当社のプロセスは有毒ガスを放出せず、廃棄物の流れの使用を最大化します。

How many tons of Waste can the KEEP plant process?


The KEEP waste-to-energy plant processes 20 tons of dry waste on a daily basis. However, our technology is configured to be able to scale-up in a parallel manner depending on the scale of the waste problem. In this manner, we have been able to tackle waste streams of more than 200tons of waste per day. One extra consideration is that we are able to deploy our plants in more than one location, which can represent very considerable operational savings from not needing to aggregate and transport waste. This unique approach results in system configurations and implementation schedules that respond to our client’s needs and capacities.

KEEPのエネルギープラントは、日常的に乾燥した廃棄物20トンを処理します。しかし、我々の技術は、廃棄物問題の規模に応じてスケールアップし、並列的にすることができるように構成されている。このように、我々は、一日あたり200トンの廃棄物の流れに対処することができた。 1つのコスト削減は、我々が集計や輸送による廃棄物を必要としないから、非常にかなりの運用コストを削減することができ、複数の場所に工場を展開することが可能であるということです。システム構成と我々のクライアントのニーズと能力に対応する実施スケジュールでは、このユニークなアプローチは、他社にはないKEEPだけの技術です。

Who can benefit from KEEP’s Waste-to-Energy plants?

4) どのように再生エネルギープラントの恩恵を受けることができますか?

Our waste-to-energy plants are a unique source of renewable energy that is generated on-site where it is produced. The benefits from our technology are deep and diverse. We begin by benefiting our customers, who minimize the amount of waste they produce, save on waste disposal, and make strong financial results from the fuels produced by our plant. At a second level, we benefit the communities in which we operate by minimizing waste, improving air quality, generating jobs, contributing to economic development, and setting up a new benchmark on resource efficiency and sustainability. Finally, we all benefit by minimizing our environment impact, the amount of methane that goes into our atmosphere, our dependence on extracted fossil fuels, and from the use of cleaner liquid fuels.


What are the by-products of the waste-to-energy process?


There are few by-products generated as a result of processing waste into energy. The first one is heat, which is reused in the system to feed and sustain the gasification reaction. The second by-product is char, which can be used for construction and road-paving. The third by-product is not premium quality gas, which is used to provide heat for the system. Finally, we utilize and recycle a small amount of water for our cleaning process.