KEEP combined negative ion-emitting ore particles  which emit highest negative ion in natural world, existing terahertz technology and waves of various frequencies to create this new technology. 

The company called this new technology “KEEP-TERAHERTZ.”

KEEP-TERAHERTZ is a more advanced version of the newest terahertz technology used around the world.  KEEP uses the ideal terahertz wave-radiating time at a low temperature to increase the performance of raw materials. Existing terahertz machines radiate terahertz waves at high temperatures, which is not as effective.





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It is the new technology produced by nano-technology.  This technology was mixed with these following things: 24,140 pieces/cc numerical value of negative electric ion, which is emitted from the highest level of powerful energetic ore in the nature world, KEEP ore particle, which emits 96% of FIR, and the leading edge of technology Terahertz radiation.   
自然界で、最高水準の強力なエネルギー鉱石から放射されるマイナス電子イオン数値 : 24,140個/ccとKEEP鉱石から放射される遠赤外線96%を放射するエネルギー鉱石と、最先端技術Terahertz波を組み合わせたナノ化技術にって実現した新技術です。

Our company does not irradiate Terahertz radiation at high temperature like conventional Terahertz machines.

As a result of the study for many years, we discovered the perfect temperature of irradiating Terahertz radiation, which makes the efficiency and strength of the radiation good and gives human bodies best effects, and in addition we discovered the perfect length of time for irradiation together.  


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Ions are invisible particles, either molecules or atoms, which bear an electric charge. Atoms, for instance, consist of an atomic nucleus that contains neutral neutrons and positively charged protons, as well as orbiting electrons that are negatively charged. When an atom is in a neutral condition, the number of protons (+) and electrons (-) is equal. When the number of protons and electrons is not the same, the particle becomes an ion that is either positively or negatively charged.



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KEEPは、Terahertz Technology と、自然界に存在する鉱石から放射する、自然界最高数値24,140個/ccのマイナスイオン電子波と遠赤外線96%数値を同時に放射する鉱石をナノ粒子化し、最先端技術遠赤外線の未知の周波数Terahertz波と3つの周波数を組み合わせた新技術をナノ化技術で実現が出来、日本で開発しました。


最先端技術のTerahertz Technologyを更に進化させたNew Terahertz技術です。


An ore emits 24,140 pieces/cc of negative ion electric wave, which is the highest numerical value in nature world, and 96% of FIR numerical value at the same time.  KEEP changed the ore into nanoparticle.  And, KEEP combined the leading edge of FIR technology Terahertz wave, which has unknown frequency, and 3 other frequencies.  As a result, KEEP could put this new technology into practice by nanoized technology, and it developed the technology in Japan

The company called this new technology “KEEP-TERAHERTZ.”

KEEP-TERAHERTZ is New Terahertz technology which is a more advanced version of the newest terahertz technology.  Conventional terahertz machines irradiate Terahertz wave by regular high temperature, but KEEP found the optimal low temperature and irradiating time of Terahertz wave to improve material efficiency.  

 KEEP TERAHERTZ light has both dispositions of light straightness and electric wave permeability.  By utilizing these dispositions, there is molecular behaviors, which is in the process that electric insulating oils oxidize which was not able to be observed in conventional ways, and an interaction between molecules.  


Fill up invisible gaps on metal surfaces with nanoparticles.  

KEEP’s nanoized fine powders fill up gaps on metal surfaces with nanometer-sized KEEP particles, and they lower the contact resistance by changing point contact to surface contact (between terminals) of metal conduction parts. 


In addition, in case of irradiating Terahertz radiation, as a result, electricity flows without waste, and since signals are absolutely conducted it makes big effects to avoid the contact failure trouble and recover the efficiency.  


KEEP ore particles are the natural ore which is formed by high temperature hot water effect involved with the diastrophism 65 million years ago.  

KEEP鉱石は、約6,500 万年前の地殻変動に 伴う高温熱水作用によって形作られた天然鉱石です。

There are 1.2 trillion times of acoustic resonance action per second.  Due to the effect, the conventional material molecules are further fractionated. 

Since impurities entered between molecules, the conventional efficiency could not be exerted.  However, thanks to the further fragmentation, molecules line up thickly, and the conventional efficiency and strength are further improved.  



■Fragmentation.MOV 細分子化.MOV (699,2 kB)

What is KEEP ceramic ball?
In our company, we complete KEEP ceramic balls by glazing fine powders, which are made from KEEP ore particles by nano-technology, on ceramic balls.  


The object combined by irradiating the leading edge of FIR technology Terahertz radiation to ceramic balls is KEEP ceramic ball.


Japan is the prominent energetic ore country in the world.
Since layers were condensed due to the diastrophism, Japan is the prominent energetic ore country in the world

What is rare in the world・・・・There is a mass active fault all over the land of Japan.


(There is no ingredient included which affect human beings.)


1.2 trillion times of action of acoustic resonance per second.





テラヘルツ波 - Wikipedia

Terahertz radiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Terahertz is a kind of electromagnetic waves which are located in the middle of lights and electric waves
Terahertz は、光と電波の中間に位置する電磁波の一つです。】

On electromagnetic waves, dispositions are divided according to frequency. 


Lights are the electromagnetic waves called high waves, and as another one there are electric waves which is used for cell phones, radios, and TVs.


Considering electromagnetic waves in terms of frequency, ones which have low frequency are called electric waves, and ones which have high frequency are called high waves.  


Since tera means trillion in Greek, Terahertz means 1 trillion times of frequency per second.  


According to international level, the zone of Terahertz frequency is from 30 million hertz to 10 trillion hertz.   


Since Terahertz is just in the middle area of electric waves and high ones, it has good points of electric waves and ones of high waves.  


However, the zone of Terahertz frequency was called Terahertz gap as unknown light.  


That is because development of Terahertz generator and detector was difficult and Terahertz remained left in dark unexplored area.  


However, Terahertz is the unexplored hugest frequency zone, and actually it is also a treasure house.  


What is Terahertz・・・


Terahertz is located in the middle of lights and electric waves and called electromagnetic wave.  



People think electromagnetic waves as scary features, but it is not correct.  


On human bodies, electromagnetic waves flow by biopolymers inside of cells such as protein vibration.  However, Terahertz can make human bodies active by vibration with biopolymers which manage biological activity.  


As laser technology and semi conductor technology advanced, Terahertz, which is the last frequency zone remained to human beings, was to be in the spotlight immediately from the middle of 1990s.  



By emitting laser light to semi conductors, we succeeded in generating Terahertz pulse.



The high wave straightness and electric wave permeability・・・


Visible rays, whose frequency is relatively high than Terahertz, have strong energy and go straight, but the permeability of them is weak.  


On the other hand, Terahertz is superior to visible rays in terms of permeability thanks to its low frequency.  


or example, visible rays cannot permeate walls, but Terahertz can do it as electric waves for cell phones whose frequency is low.


The permeation power of Terahertz enables unvisible things to be visible.  


Since Terahertz is absorbed well by water, it is used to examine foods’ qualities and characters by investigating moisture content of foods.  



For example, it is used for harbor inspections in airports and ports, and it enables people to check what their belongings are without metal detectors.  

Also, in terms of postal matter inspections component inspentions are instantly conducted.  


Terahertz technology is playing an active part in sites of fires and disaster areas.  


In terms of industries, it is utilized for inspections of impurities and expressions.   


Although infrared rays are extinguished by smoke and takes 10 minutes to inspect, Terahertz radiation is not extiguished.  It supports to make use of urgent remote control equipments for a long term.  



In addition, the radiation supports us in terms of these following things: cultural properties restoration, Authenticity discrimination of antique arts, underground fluoroscopy function, disaster provision in detection of radial rays and poisonous gases, polution provision, non-destructive defect inspection 


Terahertz wavelength and frequency


Although Terahertz wavelength is from 0.3mm to 1mm, this wavelength zone corresponds with intractions between molecules, which is minimum unit of life substances, the molecules’ revolving speed, and hydrogen bond wavelength.   


The same wavelengthes occur resonance action by vibrating each other.  


Since many biopolymers such as protein and DNA, which constitutes human bodies, resonate with Terahertz wavelength, it is said that it is possible to monitor and opperate biopolymers by utilizing Terahertz radiation.  


For example, if viruses enter cell membranes, Terahertz can inspect causes of genetic mutation because they pernetrate in the Terahertz frequency zone.  


In this way Terahertz and molecules occur resonance action, and energies rise.  


In America, Terahertz was chosen as top 10 of new technologies which change the world.


In Japan, it was chosen as top 10 of critical technologies.


In Korea, LG economic research workers adopt it as top 7 of new technologies which changes human lives.  日本の基幹技術選定のプロセスでは、まず127個の科学技術領域を選び47個に絞り最終的に10大基幹技術を選定することになりました。

In the process of Japanese critical technology selection, at first 127 science technology zones were chosen.  Next, 47 zones are chosen from the 127 ones, and finally 10 zones are selected as critical technologies from the 47 zones.


One of the highest prior technologies is Terahertz technology.  


Terahertz is the unexplored hugest frequency zone, and actually it is also a treasure house. 


Terahertz has really many positive points: heat resisting property, temperature control function, deodrization, hidrosis, antimicrobial, UV cut, improvement of immunity, freshness- holding effect, deodorization of ammonia, land application power, organic growth stimulation, thermal conductivity, high heat absorbency, and so on.  By utilizing these points of Terahertz, our company can create fibers by mixing with general resin materials.  Terahertz produces revolutionary results in terms of every industry as well as fibers: agricultures, medical care, manufacturing industry, construction, munitions, and so on.   
As KEEP’s main actions, there are 7 things below.

FIR also has many positive points: antioxidative effect, freshness- holding effect, deodorization and reduction, maturation, active water effect, cell activity effect, stabilizing action, malodor removal, chemical smell (perm solution, thinner, etc.) removal, crops and plants growth stimulation, circulation improvement, and so on.  As concrete effects, there are the following things: creating rustproof iron, keeping freshness of foods and other products, reduction of environmental pollutant in the water, supplying natural minerals with water, activating moisture in the air.  As FIR is also called another name growth ray, it activate organisms such as human bodies and plants and stimulate their growth.  

細胞活性化機能 Cell activity function


FIR is electromagnetic wave, which has long wave in red heat of visible sunlight, and the length is from 5.6μm to 1,000μm.  So, if we expose our bodies with the FIR, it infiltrates our skin and influences our body fluid.  As a result, human cells are activated.  


FIR having long wave which is from 5.6μm to 14μm is growth ray or curing ray, and it is the beneficial ray for human bodies which infiltrates beneath human skin from 40mm to 50mm and produces extreme thermic effect.

マイナスイオンは副交換神経系に働きかけ、血液の浄化、細胞の活性化、免疫力強化、自律神経の調整に有効といわれています。 耐摩耗性などに富む硬く靭性な鉱石です。多孔質構造のため、有害成分の吸着作用と分解作用などがあげられます。

Negative ions influence parasympathetic nerve system, and they are said to be effective for blood purification, cellular activation, immunity reinforcement, autonomic nerves adjustment.  The ore is hard and tough, and it is rich in abrasion resistance property etc.  Due to porous structure, it has adsorption and reduction etc of injurious ingredients. 


Also, KEEP plentifully radiates about 6.27 micron FIR which resonates water molecules.  By processing the FIR with fibers etc, it gives the fibers temperature control function, and they are cool for summer and warm for winter.  So, the processed fibers are used for bed clothes for sound sleep, bed sheets, socks, clothings for babies, shoes, underwears etc.  


On shoes etc, there are effects of deodorization and antibacterial.  Also, rubbers become strong to abrasion.   




A kind of plant extract Bansei is utilized for developing shoe insole and other related shoe products.

Although we mind foot smell, our company adds even plant constituent to KEEP TERSHERTZ

and impregnate fibers.  And then, our company implements the development of more

comfortable shoe products by deodorization of many kinds of gases.



■Experiment of antibacterial and deodorization (of ammonia) effects

  (未処理) (Untreated)       (処理後) (After treated)


■靴に使用される布。Cloth used for shoes

■品質試験  抗菌・消臭テストQualification test  Antibacterial and deodorization test



Terahertz, which is the last frequency band left to our humanity, immediately caught attention since the middle of 1990s as laser technology and semiconductor technology were developed.  It is the reason that to produce Terahertz pulse succeeded by radiating laser light to semiconductor.  


In the period from 1950s to 1970s, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) conducted the research of “terms for human subsistence in a space craft”.  It researched necessary factors for human subsistence in a spaceship where there are punitive terms such as vacuum, zero gravity, extremely low temperature.  


Thanks to this research, we found that infrared rays which have from 8μm to 15μm wave length are necessary for living things subsistence.  As a result, electromagnetic waves, which are named generically as infrared rays until then, were to be divided into near infrared rays and FIR. 


In Terahertz zone, there are physical properties such as various vibrations in molecules and solid matters, interactions between molecules, and energetic gap of superconductivity.  In particular, since Terahertz zone exists in biological temperature area and it is expected collecting information to solve the mystery of cosmic birth, it started to be researched around the world, and application and manufacturing are developed in terms of various fields.  As Terahertz is processed with KEEP-Terahertz wave combined with high energetic ores, Terahertz wave of FIR zone is the unit of frequency that Terahertz vibrates 1.2 trillion times per second.  

Terahertz ■Terahertz light

terahertz (THz)は、光と電波の境界の周波数であるTerahertz(THz)の電磁波を用いた時系列変換パルス分光法の新しい赤外領域の分光です。

Terahertz (THz) is a new spectrum of infrared region in a time series conversion pulse spectroscopic way utilizing Terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves which is the frequency between lights and electromagnetic waves.  


What emits Terahertz wave the best in nature world?



It is human babies.  When we hug them, thanks to the Terahertz wave we feel healed.  The weaker we get as our age, the weaker the power and amount of emitting Terahertz become.  Healthy people and very fresh foods etc are high in the amount of Terahertz radiation.  

Terahertz分光 ■Terahertz spectrum

Terahertz分光は、多岐にわたります。多くのガスや有機固体、化学薬品、爆発物は、領域にそれぞれ固有の吸収線を持ちます。赤外線検出と比べて、Terahertz分光は非常に柔軟性に富み、高感度です。Terahertzスペクトロメータでは、赤外線光源なら複数を必要とするような多くのガス化合物を一つのシステムで検出・特定することが可能です。Terahertz光は、周波数 100 GHz ~ 10 THz、または波長 3 mm ~ 30 μm 間の電磁波です。ラジオ波と赤外光の間にあたる光には、ユニークな特性があります。Terahertz光は、種々の合成物質や織物といった様々なアモルファス物質、ボール紙を含む紙類を透過します。一方、多くの生化学分子、タンパク質、爆発物、麻薬物質は、0.1~2 THz 領域に各物質特有の吸収線をもちます。Terahertz光のこの重要な二つの特徴により、従来では困難だった材料や物質の分析・分離が可能になっています。

Terahertz spectrum includes many different things.  Many gases, organic solids, chemicals, and explosives have each peculiar absorption line in areas.  Compared to the detection of infrared rays, Terahertz spectrum is very rich in flexibility and has supersensitivity.  On Terahertz spectrometer, it enables us to detect and specify many gaseous compounds, which need plural systems in case of infrared ray source, by only one system.  On Terahertz light, its frequency is from 100GHz to 10 THz and it is a kind of electromagnetic waves whose wave length is from 30 μm to 3mm.  There is a unique characteristic in the light between radio wave and infrared light.  Terahertz light permeates many kinds of synthetic substances, various amorphous substances such as fabrics, and papers including cardboard.  On the other hand, many biochemical molecules, protein, explosives, and drug substances have each peculiar absorption line in the area from 0.1THz to 2 THz.  Thanks to these 2 important characteristics of Terahertz light, it is possible to analize and separate ingredients and substances, which was difficult so far.  


In the Terahertz area, one of the most powerful absorber is water.  The propagation distance of Terahertz light is limited to approximately some meters by water vapor, but the peculiar absorption line of water vapor enables us to measure humidity in a very high accuracy.  

X 線と違い、Terahertz光は一切のイオン化効果を及ぼさず、原則的に生体にも無害です。

Unlike X-ray, Terahertz light doesn’t influence any ionized effects.  Essentially, there is no harm to organisms.

Terahertz分光terahertz (THz)とは Terahertz spectrum What is Terahertz (THz)?


Terahertz spectrum is the spectroscopic measurement method which utilizes Terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves that is the frequency between light and radio wave.  

Terahertz(THz)定義と応用 ■Definition and application of Terahertz(THz)





















食品用器具、容器包装規格試験に適合した事により食品添加物規格基準適合品 厚生省告示第370号における基準適合品である事を実証致しました。これにより、内容物が通常より新鮮な状態で長く保存する、付加価値商品的な「KEEP 鮮度保持袋」の商品化が可能になりました内容物の一般生菌数の増殖率を低減させて賞味期限の延長効果や菌による汚染増殖スピード等を低減させる事などを検証し、鮮度の良い状態にて食品を食べる事が可能になりました。賞味期限の延長を可能にすることで食品を無駄に捨てることを減少させ、地球環境の悪化防止に貢献できる環境配慮型エコ商品として活用してまいりたいと思います。




このKEEP・TERAHERTZ抗酸化溶液を金属・プラスチック・ゴム・ガラス・石鹸・セラミックス・塗料・化学繊維等に加工して用いると、それらの物質から周辺の活性酸素に反応して電子を放出させる働き(触媒機能)を持たせられることがわかりました。人や動物は体内に残ってしまった活性酸素により、正常細胞が酸化し、ガン化したり生活習慣病になったりするといわれています。 住宅をはじめ、KEEP・Terahertz抗酸化還元溶液を活用した製品は、これらの活性酸素を消去するという働きにより、簡単に人や動植物を健康にし、 なおかつ地球環境の浄化にも寄与するのです。






  1.健康商品: 繊維、紙、金属、プラスチック、宝石等に照射すると大量の遠赤外線を放射する製品に。

  2.鮮度保持生鮮食品: KEEP・TERAHERTZを照射すると、鮮度期間が2倍以上伸び味がよくなる。

  3.医療: 細胞の活性化、再生医療、幹細胞等の最先端医療に期待。

  4.農業: KEEP水を、土壌改良剤、肥料を使用すると植物の病害虫が激減し、収穫量が増加する。

    品質が改善 され、散布した農薬が農産物に残留しにくい。

 5.水産: 養殖水槽の水と空気をKEEP水処理すると、鮮魚の病気が減少し、成長が早くなる。


 7.KEEP処理した水: 細分子化された水分子により、エネルギーの水になる。